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hp_promotions's Journal

Harry Potter Community Promotions
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Anybody , Moderated
This is a community designed to promote communities about things to do with Harry Potter, such as specific characters, or actors, or houses, or just the concept of the potterverse in general, or whatever. RPG promos are also welcome here, but the main purpose of this community is to promote communities that are not rpgs, because there is already at least one other community for promoting Harry Potter-related rpgs, but none just for ordinary Harry-Potter related communities.

Right now, this community will be unmoderated-I really hope I don't have to be a bitch about anything here. If everybody uses common sense, I won't have to be. But I reserve the right to delete posts that are offensive (you can advertise adult-oriented groups or rpgs as long as you clearly label them as such) or in excess.

Thank you for your cooperation! Have a lovely day!